MSU Three-Year Degree

Beginning in the Fall 2013, Mississippi State University has a unique and exciting opportunity for students. Mississippi State University will offer degree programs that may be completed in three years. These undergraduate degree programs are special programs which allow highly motivated and hard-working students the opportunity to complete a degree in three years rather than the traditional four years.

Students in the Three-Year Degree programs must enroll in six regular semesters and two summer semesters, depending on the degree program. Even though they are completing the degree one year sooner, these students still get the same college experience as a four year degree student. A student who completes the degree in three years may be able to join the workforce one year earlier or begin pursuing a graduate degree program more quickly making college much more affordable.

Excellent candidates for enrollment in a Three-Year Degree program are students who enter college with credit earned by Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), or the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). High school students are encouraged to contact Three-Year Degree program advisors for help in planning high school courses that will complement their intended college major.

Since Mississippi State University is a comprehensive Land-Grant Institution with very high active research status as assigned by the Carnegie Foundation, students attending Mississippi State University can be sure that the education that they receive in these Three-Year Degree programs will still be one of the best.

The Three-Year Degree programs to be offered in the Fall 2013 semester include:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science - Agribusiness - (Curriculum Pending)
  • Bachelor of Science - Agronomy
    • Agricultural and Environmental Soil Sciences - Curriculum (PDF)
    • Integrated Crop Management - Curriculum (PDF)
    • Integrated Pest Management - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Science - Horticulture

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Bachelor of Arts - History - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Political Science - Curriculum (PDF)

College of Business

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - General Business - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Management - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing - Curriculum (PDF)

College of Education

  • Bachelor of Science - Educational Psychology - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science - Industrial Technology
    • Industrial Automation - Curriculum (PDF)
    • Manufacturing & Maintenance Management - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Science - Information Technology Services - Curriculum (PDF)
  • Bachelor of Science - Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Science - Special Education - Curriculum (PDF)
Secondary Education student helping high school students with classword A student walks through the drill field Students meeting on the steps outisde the business school A photo of McCool Hall's exterior